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Hair + Energy Formula - 1 Month Supply

Hair + Energy Formula 1 Month Supply


Always read the label and follow the directions for use. See warnings below.

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“My hair has always struggled growing and is very thin. This is huuuuge for me.”

“It’s almost been 6 months taking hair + energy and my hair growth is just out of this world!”

“My energy levels and hair have been so much better with taking these supplements.”

“Wasn't sure i was getting any results until i decided to take my 1 month progress photo!”


At JSHealth Vitamins, our team of experts are committed to developing and providing effective formulas based on specifically selected ingredients, knowledge and care for our community.

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48,371 Verified Reviews

Love love love my JS products. They feel amazing on my skin and smell amazing - like I’m in a day spa every time!

Brooke H


I love the smell of it! but the best part is definitely how clean and shiny my hair is after using it! I've found my must have shampoo!

Viviana S


This is such a nice products it was so soothing I really enjoy using this product as I have a dry skin this one helps on my skin this days I love how they make this quality product from ingredients to packaging highly recommended

Joy G


So impressed with this shampoo and conditioner. My hair is left beautifully cleansed and remains light, not weighed down like other conditioners. My hair has become so healthy, shiny and smooth. I don’t need to use a hair straightener for frizzy hair like I used to.

Heidi V


Love these tablets, 100% help with the bloating. Would definitely recommend

Kelly S


I am pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t believe how soft & smooth my hair felt after it was washed. I let my hair naturally dry and you could have mistaken that I’d styled it! Only complaint is getting shampoo in my eye stung more than other shampoos - ouch.

Michelle C


A little goes a long way: I ordered 2 and am still on the first. Pure Matcha Powder is a rich tasting, versatile product. It works as a tea, latte or as an additional boost to a smoothie or juice. ( As per recommendations on the tub).

Gordana F


I've been taking these tablets now for about a month and to be honest I've really noticed a difference with my sweet tooth, and not being as hungry through the day which is great for me because I'm currently on a diet due to me being diabetic. Not sure if my metabolism has improved since taking them

Karina H


My hair has grown so much! It isn’t as frizzy and doesn’t tangle as badly! Love them! I also love the energy boost they give me!!

Ryan K