9 Tips for Clear Skin

Your journey to luminous skin begins here! From clear skin best practices to choosing the right supplements, read on for our top tips to help you reveal your clearest, most radiant complexion yet. 

  1. Do your skincare routine in the AM + PM: Start your day and end it with a refreshing cleanse. Gently remove any impurities and prevent oil buildup by using a clear skin face wash, helping to promote a healthy glow. Follow with the rest of your skincare routine, morning and night! 
  2. Use a gentle creamy cleanser: Embrace the power of nature in your skincare routine. Ditch the harsh chemicals and opt for a mild, creamy cleanser such as our Balancing Vitamin Cleanser to nurture your skin's delicate balance without compromising the skin barrier. 
  3. Exfoliate 2-3x week: Exfoliation is key to removing dead skin cells and revealing your skin's natural beauty. Aim to exfoliate two to three times a week for a smoother, more vibrant appearance. 
  4. Include a Vitamin C-rich serum: This nutrient is a holy grail for a bright complexion and collagen support. Try our Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum containing 9% stable Vitamin C, along with ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. 
  5. Avoid touching your face: This can spread bacteria, contributing to breakouts. Never pick at your skin, no matter how tempting it can be as this only furthers damage, or makes breakouts worse!
  6. Take quality skin supplements: Enhance your skincare routine from within. Consider targeted ingestible skincare with ingredients such as Zinc, Vitamin C, Marine Collagen, Astaxanthin and Burdock. Try our nutritionist-curated Skin + Digestion and Vitality X + Collagen formulas!
  7. Use sun protection daily: Shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Prioritise sun protection by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily, wearing protective clothing and embracing a hat (or umbrella!) when out in the sun. Your skin will thank you for it. 
  8. Remember to moisturise: Hydration is the secret to plump, supple skin. Every day, moisturise using a gentle formula such as our Probiotic Vitamin Moisturiser, locking in essential moisture and promoting a soft, nourished complexion with a topical infusion of skin-loving vitamins, probiotics and botanical actives. 
  9. Love your skin at every stage: Practise self-love. Skin isn't meant to be flawless or "perfect". It's about taking care of yourself and giving your skin the support to thrive with health, while loving yourself unconditionally with blemishes and all. A positive mindset and less stress around your skin's appearance can do wonders.