The secret is out, ladies and gents! Get ready to have the sleep of your life! We have included an extra potent ingredient into our latest formula, which we will tell you more about in just a moment...

BUT FIRSTLY…. Let’s talk about why it’s so very important to have a good sleep.

Poor sleep can lead to increased stress, which can wreak havoc on your hormones and cause low energy, decreased productivity, irritability and moodiness. Such fun!

Sleep is also essential for your body to have time to rest and repair itself, and to stay fit and healthy! Adequate sleep keeps your metabolism and immune system strong.

So now, drumroll please, revealing our new ingredient: Ziziphus! 

Ziziphus is a small shrub that has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to induce sleep, relieve sleeplessness, soothe and calm the nerves and help relax the mind. It can benefit your brain by calming the mind and improving the quality of your sleep. And as we know, sleep plays a significant role in mental and physical health!

This dreamy ingredient is complemented with our faves: Lavender and Magnesium. 

Sick of waking up constantly during the night? Lavender not only has the most calming and delicious smell, but also helps to relieve disturbed and restless sleep.  It helps to calm the mind, and relieves nervous tension and symptoms of mild anxiety. If you’re feeling particularly anxious, even just inhale the aroma before you take the vitamin and it will calm you right down. 

Last but not least, Magnesium. This mineral has many functions in the human body. It plays a role in muscle function and relaxation, blood glucose control, energy production and nervous system regulation. Basically, it helps you to feel blissfully zen.

To get the most out of our PM+ vitamin, we recommend taking one with dinner or just before bed. It’s so simple to ensure a blissful sleep, you can even do it with your eyes closed! 

Sweet dreams, angels xx


  • Can I take one PM+ and one PM together? 

Yes you can! Doses of Lavender up to 160 mg (equivalent to two PM tablets, or one PM and one PM+) are well tolerated! Please ensure you are guided by your health professional!

  • Can I take two of the PM+?

We don’t recommend this, due to the potent Ziziphus! One will do the job ;)

  • Should I take these vitamins with food or on an empty stomach?

Adults, take one tablet once daily, at night with your evening meal, or as directed by your

healthcare professional.

  • Are the JSHealth PM+ vitamins vegan?

They sure are!