Summer-Proof Your Wellness Routine

Feel energised, glowing and confident with our go-to formulas for summertime! These are our top picks as the days grow warmer and longer...

Hair + Energy

Now, what’s a summer without those long luscious locks? Summer is a time we all live a little more carefree spending more time in salty water or chlorinated pool... and the sunshine. This isn’t always the best for our hair so it’s important to take care of it from the inside out. 

This formula contains a specific dose of Iodine from JSHealth Kelp™, which helps to maintains and supports hair growth and health, as well as Zinc, which helps maintain normal healthy hair, skin and nails!

Show your hair some summer love with Hair + Energy!

Skin + Digestion 

It's great that we’re applying less makeup to our faces during the summer months with more time spent by the water, but this means extra sunshine and the less-than-ideal occasional sunburn. This makes it even more important that we get those antioxidants in!

The Skin + Digestion formula contains Zinc, which supports symptoms of acne and pimples, Burdock for eczema and dermatitis and antioxidants such as Vitamin C to support the health of our connective tissue, plus naturally facilitate collagen production. 

Get clear, healthy, vibrant skin with Skin + Digestion!

Vitality X + Collagen

Summer, what better time to feel vital? Not only will this powder make you glow and feel amazing, but it’s the perfect way to spruce up your summer season cocktails. (Exhibit A: Vitality X Kombucha Spritzer from the JSHealth App!)

The Vitality X + Collagen contains the purest, bioavailable and sustainable hydrolysed Marine Collagen peptides that decreases fine lines and wrinkles, boosts new collagen production, improves skin elasticity and helps to prevent sun damaged skin. This inner beauty powder is further enhanced with 10 carefully chosen ingredients to support a radiant complexion, energy, digestion and liver protection.

Glow up with Vitality X + Collagen!

Detox + Debloat

In summertime, we are naturally more social, making use of the beautiful weather and longer days! This often comes hand-in-hand with extra alcohol consumption (day drinking anyone?). The liver is the main site of alcohol metabolism, so it’s important that we take care of this organ during this time. Excess alcohol may also cause extra bloating. 

The Detox + Debloat contains the liver-loving herb Milk Thistle, which is used to support the natural cleansing of the liver and the detoxification processes. It also contains Fennel which supports symptoms of digestive discomfort and abdominal bloating. 

Support your body with Detox + Debloat!

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.