Feminine Flow: Q&A with Life Coach Monica Yates

Known and loved for her sassy and empowering persona, Monica Yates is a life coach and speaker who has been coined a “period whisperer” for the work she does with women to regain their feminine flow and menstrual cycles. 

Over the years, Monica has become an expert in helping thousands of women to live a life in alignment by teaching them to step out of their masculine armour and tap into their core feminine desires. In her practice, Monica calls upon myriad modalities, such as  trauma healing, inner child healing, womb clearing, womb activation, subconscious reprogramming, embodiment and somatic work to help women heal their cycle, reconnect with their period, break their trauma cycles and no longer be triggered by their past.  

We chatted to Monica about everything from sexual energy and feminine flow, to libido, missing periods and financial abundance. 

Can you start by telling us what your mission in life is?

My mission is to help everyone feel in alignment, living out their truth and tuned into their core desires. For women, this means guiding them to release their trauma that is stopping them from being in their radiant feminine energy, and for men it’s helping them feel more intimacy and ecstasy in their life. 

I just want everyone to be living their most authentic life, full of flow, ease and inner peace! 

What makes sexual and feminine energy so important?

Your sexual energy is your life force energy. When a woman (or man) is embodied in their sexuality, and sensuality they are truly in their power. In fact, when you feel safe to be embodied in this energy, you will feel like your most powerful self. As women, both our feminine energy and sexual energy is our radiance. It is what magnetises people to us, it’s our creative energy, the energy that makes people turn heads when we walk into a room. When you are full of this life force, your hormones are in balance, your period is healthy and we are not feeling ‘blah’ in our bodies. So many women are living out this narrative that they have to compete against men and that they have to be a man in order to be successful, and as a result they are burnt out, unhappy in their core and they are not radiating and glowing. 

How would you define ‘feminine flow’?

It feels like an exhale. Everything becomes easy, fun and you feel like there isn’t resistance. 

What are the biggest causes of suppressed feminine energy and lack of expression of ecstasy and intimacy? 

Women not feeling safe in their feminine, and them having a tainted view of the masculine. The feminine cannot feel safe to be expressed without the masculine protection, but so many women have so much deep seeded anger towards men and think ‘all men are dicks’ so as a result, they don’t feel safe to be in their feminine because they do not trust the masculine.

Also, the hustle is worn as a badge of honour. We are praising women for being like men, and as a result their bodies are burnt out and running on empty. Our nervous systems are more sensitive than men’s because of our cycle, and many women feel that this is “weakness” which it isn’t. As a result of this belief, they’re pushing themselves and miserable at the same time. 

What are some of the tools you give clients to begin overcoming trauma?

Whilst i can’t give you a deep trauma healing tool via this interview (because it could cause a lot of damage when you try to heal your own trauma if you are not trained in this area), what i can say is that a lot of people feel that there is shame around having trauma and that they are broken. I’m here to tell you that everyone has trauma. Even if you grew up in a “perfect family,” you still have trauma. Trauma is just stuck energy and suppressed experiences that your body is still living out subconsciously and it affects your physical, emotional and spiritual health. If you can get excited to heal your trauma, that would be a great first step. Also, trauma is the peanut butter to my jelly so there is nothing to be ashamed about because I love it!

Any tips for stepping into one’s sexual power and energy? 

If you are a woman wanting to step further into your sexual power, I would start by healing your relationship with men. Start to actually see the good  in men! Start to love them, and realise that the vast majority of men want to protect you, care for you and provide for you. So start to receive! The feminine is about receivership and most women can’t receive because of their trauma and beliefs about what that means.

How can people increase their libido and pleasure?

I always say to ensure that your physical body is healthy first and foremost because that’s always a must. If you’re eating real food and not over exercising, then look at your energetic body. Often, the trauma that women store actually causes their body to have a constant release of cortisol (this is the affect of trauma) and as a result of your body constantly in this fight or flight (and by the way, most people don’t even know they are in this state 24/7) your hormones become imbalanced, resulting in a loss of libido.

Also, if you have blocks, fears and/or trauma around being embodied in your sensuality and sexuality this will affect your libido. This can look like religious trauma, sexual trauma, birth trauma (which is very common as birth is a traumatic experience for your body even if it was a beautiful birth), emotional abuse, fear of men leaving, fear of being seen, trauma around not being enough and so on.

What advice do you have for women who have period loss?

If they have already fixed their diet/exercise (everything Jess preaches!), I would tell them that your cycle has a lot to do with your energetic body. I see women time after time who have gone to every doctor under the sun, and the top endocrinologists and no one can figure out what is going on, and they are being told they have to go on hormone replacement therapy. Then they come to me, and their period comes back. There is an undeniable link between your trauma, beliefs about the feminine/masculine, relationship with men, and your inner child wounds that I believe will result in missing periods, endometriosis, PCOS, unexplained infertility, hormonal imbalances, bloating, acne and other manifestations.

How about any wisdom you have on abundance, feminine flow and business? How do these interact?

When you are embodied in your feminine energy, sensuality and feel safe in the world and in your body, it gives you a power that will allow you to feel relaxed, trusting and abundant as f*ck! When women are out of touch with this part of themselves, they block the creative flow. Money is simply energy and when you are walking around like a clogged gutter (clogged from your sh*t you haven’t dealt with), you are not a clear channel for money, as money wants to move freely. Harnessing your feminine magnetism will attract what you want to manifest financially and cultivate business success. 

If there is one piece of knowledge you wish you could share with everyone, what is it?

That men are not the devil. And the way that women put down men, emasculate them and talk about them needs to stop because it’s really a reflection of how they view the feminine.  


Can you share your favourite JSHealth Vitamins formula?

My favourite product is the Detox + Debloat tablets. I love this product and recommend it to my clients because of the broccoli extract. It's so good for flushing out oestrogen and hormones.

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